Frequently asked questions

Do I need to schedule an appointment, or can I just walk in to be seen?

To ensure you receive the required amount of time to attend to your dental needs, please arrange a dedicated appointment time with us. We regret we are unable to squeeze additional patients into our day, as we pride ourselves on reserving appointment lengths which enable us to deliver our dentistry in a calm and unrushed manner.

Are you able to assist patients with dental emergencies?

No one plans for a dental emergency, but unfortunately, they can unexpectedly arise. If you are experiencing a toothache, trauma, or have had a dental accident, we are here to help with our emergency dental services. We understand that dental pain and trauma can be a terrible feeling, so we manage our appointment diary in a way that allows us to attend to emergency patients.

Should you require urgent dental care, we encourage you to contact Ageless Smiles Dental Centre as soon as possible, so our team may coordinate your emergency dental appointment needs and arrange the gentle care you require.

Why is professional dental cleaning of my teeth so important?

The two main reasons we lose teeth is due to decay and gum disease. Even with the best daily brushing and flossing techniques, plaque between the teeth and along the gum line can be missed. Over time, this plaque begins to harden and eventually turns into tartar. When left for an extended period of time, this build-up of tartar and plaque begins to develop into gum disease or cavities.

Professional dental cleaning removes all the tartar and plaque from your teeth and gums to assist you with maintaining a healthy and bright smile.

How often should I have a dental exam and professional clean?

Your smile is unique, and so are your dental needs.

In general, we recommend a dental examination and clean every six months for early detection of any dental issues. Catching and attending to decay and signs of gum disease in their early stages prevents these conditions from developing into more serious problems. Not only will this save you from the potential of experiencing unexpected pain, it will also save you time and money in the long run.

Patients with risk factors such as diabetes, smoking, pregnancy or a history of gum disease can often benefit from having more frequent visits. Floss bosses with great oral hygiene require less frequent visits. At Ageless Smiles Dental Centre, we tailor our recommendations to ensure your smile gets the right care at the right time, keeping it bright, healthy, and ageless.

Why do I need to have x-rays?

We strive to provide optimal dental care and sometimes this can only be done with the aid of x-rays to help detect decay, infection, and view areas between the teeth or hidden below the gum line.

We understand the concern and reluctance around having x-rays taken, but at Ageless Smiles Dental Centre we take digital x-rays which are higher in definition but lower in radiation. Rest assured; we only recommend x-rays when absolutely essential to your dental health.

Why do I need a filling if I’m not in any pain?

Decay in its early stages usually isn’t painful. It is once the decay has extended past the tooths protective enamel layer into the dentin and beyond, when things become sensitive and tender. As decay progresses closer to the nerves of a tooth, the pain begins to intensify and if left untreated can turn into a raging toothache. Once it reaches this point, a simple filling may no longer possible. Attending to a cavity as soon as possible is always encouraged and recommended.

Why are my teeth becoming more yellow?

Unfortunately, as we age, our teeth naturally become darker or more yellow. Additionally, other factors such as smoking and the foods and drinks we consume will also have an impact on the colour of our teeth. Some of the biggest culprits include red wine, coffee, tea, cola, curries, and anything with a high level of food colouring. Some surface staining can be removed with a professional clean and polish, but if a whiter result is desired, then other treatments including teeth whitening or cosmetic veneers may be other options worth considering.

Which health funds do you accept?

At Ageless Smile Dental Centre we proudly accept all health funds however; we have chosen not to be affiliated with any particular fund. We support a patient’s right to be able to choose the dentist they wish to see based on the quality of treatment, care, and service provided instead of being influenced by their health fund to choose from a nominated list of dental practitioners.

Please be aware, we are unable to advise on health fund benefits as these vary between funds, the type, and level of cover you have. We can however, on presentation of your health fund card, submit a HICAPS query to your fund on your behalf to establish the cover you may have and, any out-of-pocket costs (gap) payable for any treatment recommended and on a treatment plan provided by our dentists.