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No one plans for a dental emergency but unfortunately, they do happen. If you are experiencing a toothache, trauma or dental accident we are here to help with our emergency dental services.  We understand that dental pain and trauma can be a terrible feeling so we manage our appointment diary in a way that allows us to attend to emergency patients.

Should you require urgent dental care, we encourage you to contact Ageless Smiles Dental Centre as soon as possible so our team may coordinate your emergency dental needs and arrange the gentle care you require.

Dental Trauma

If a permanent tooth is knocked out due to an injury, it is a dental emergency and needs attention as soon as possible. When replaced within 30 mins of dislodgement, research shows there is a much higher success rate of saving a tooth. For best chances of recovery, no more than two hours should lapse.

A tooth broken due to trauma is also considered a dental emergency when it involves severe pain and blood. Please contact Ageless Smiles Dental Centre as soon as possible to enable us to coordinate emergency care for you.

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Dental Pain

The severe onset of dental pain is often caused by an infection or a dental abscess. Pain can sometimes slowly appear but when it becomes unbearable in a short space of time, we encourage patients to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Arranging a dental appointment at the first sign of pain is always recommended to avoid further pain and treatment complications.

Wisdom Teeth

Pain radiating from one or more wisdom teeth can become extremely painful. This is due to the direct connection between the wisdom teeth, facial muscles and sinus. At Ageless Smiles Dental Centre our dentists are experienced in wisdom teeth removal and pain management. We have the digital x-ray equipment available to take the necessary OPG x-ray for our dentists to be able to assess wisdom teeth issues for faster diagnosis and treatment.

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