Therapeutic and Rejuvenating Muscle Relaxant Treatments

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Injectable Treatments 

Our dento-facial injectable treatments are an extension of the wide range of dental services we provide at Ageless Smiles Dental Centre.

All our injectable treatments are provided by our highly skilled dentist with additional qualifications in dento-facial aesthetics so you can feel confident you are in extraordinarily safe hands.

We offer therapeutic applications for the treatment of tempromandibular joint conditions in addition to providing aesthetic injectables to soften and smooth facial lines and wrinkles or treat gummy smiles.


Tempromandibular joint disorders can vary between individuals and may include pain or discomfort in the jaw, face and/or teeth. Clenching and the grinding of the teeth, also known as bruxism, often result in worn or cracked teeth.

TMJ disorders and bruxism may be caused by multiple contributing factors. Our dentists are experienced in assessing all aspects of these conditions and will be able to provide you with the most suitable treatment options for your specific needs.

Administering muscle relaxing injectables into targeted muscles can ease chronic jaw and facial tension, pain, clenching, and tooth grinding.

professional teeth whitening
professional teeth whitening


It is often accepted that as we age, the visible changes to our skin are beyond our control. Whilst our genetics influence our skin vitality and health, the onset and severity of our skin deterioration are affected by a range of factors. Nutrition, sun exposure, stress, medications and the patterns of facial muscle activity are all contributing factors.

Thanks to advances in cosmetic medicine, non-surgical and
non-invasive anti-wrinkle injectables are available to help combat the visible signs of aging.

All administered by our dentist, extensively qualified and trained in the field of anti-wrinkle injections to ensure natural, beautiful results every time.


Gummy smiles, which could previously only be treated with expensive gum surgery and the placement of dental crowns, in some cases can now be treated with muscle relaxant injectables.

The high visibility of the gums is reduced less invasively by relaxing the upper lip. Improvements are made quickly and without the need for any surgery recovery time.

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