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Do you need a Dental Implant?

If you are feeling self-conscious about your missing teeth, frustrated with your dentures or worried about your general oral health, a dental implant could be the solution for you.

Single and multiple dental implants are fixed, long term treatments that replace missing teeth with functional natural looking artificial teeth. A dental implant can do more than just improve the appearance of an unsightly gap; it can help with other oral health issues including bone loss prevention. Even more reason to consider a dental implant is the teeth neighbouring a gap can begin to tilt or shift into the void and over time these movements start to misalign the bite and the ability to eat comfortably.

Not sure if a dental implant is the right treatment for you? Our friendly dentists are here to help and are able to assess your individual treatment needs, provide information and advice about your dental implant options.

single tooth implant

A single tooth implant is often the preferred long-term treatment for replacing a single tooth as it is capable of replacing the entire structure of a tooth. The placement of a dental implant is more conservative than a dental bridge and more comfortable than wearing a partial denture. Additionally, dental implants are easy to look after.

A single tooth implant is made up of three components:

  • Fixture – The fixture component is a small titanium screw placed into the jaw bone which acts like the natural roots of the tooth and is the anchor for an implant crown.
  • Abutment – The abutment is a connection piece which joins the fixture to the implant crown.
  • Crown – The crown is the artificial tooth which attaches to the abutment. Typically, an implant crown is made from ceramic and is designed to look and function as well as a natural tooth.

multiple tooth implants

When there are two or more missing teeth in a row, a multiple tooth implant bridge could be a suitable restorative treatment for you and pensioners alike.

A multiple tooth implant bridge also consists of three different components including titanium fixtures, abutment connectors and the implant bridge of artificial teeth.

Once an implant bridge is placed it will look, feel and function like your natural teeth.

benefits of dental implants 

  • Feel great about your smile – Dental implants feel, function and look like natural teeth.
  • Eat and speak with confidence – Implants restore function for activities like chewing and speaking.
  • Avoid discomfort and mobility issues – Unlike removable dentures, implants are comfortable and don’t move around.
  • Keep your teeth aligned – Implants prevent surrounding teeth from moving and causing tooth and bite misalignment problems.
  • Strengthen your jawbone – Implants promote and stimulate bone growth.
  • Durable and Safe – Implants are biocompatible with the body and a long-term treatment. When cared for properly and regularly reviewed by our dentists a dental implant will last for many years to come.
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Single & Multiple
Dental Implant

CONSULTATION When you come into our Belmont practice, we begin with discussions about your smile dreams and individual dental needs. We want you to feel confident about the treatment you are considering so will provide you with all the necessary information you need and answer all the questions you have to enable you to make an informed decision about your oral health and smile.

DIAGNOSTICS Using our latest CBCT digital x-ray machine, a 3D scan will be taken of your mouth and jaw to assess your bone condition and to plan the placement of the implant fixture. Diagnostic x-rays and clinical photographs are also required to assist with the analysis and creation of the best treatment plan for you. High-definition digital scans of your teeth are taken to construct models and assist with the correct placement of the implant and are also used for design purposes of the implant crown.

IMPLANT PLACEMENT Prior to the placement of a dental implant, any unwanted decayed or damaged teeth will be removed. In most cases this will be followed by the immediate placement of the titanium fixture and when necessary, bone and tissue grafting will be carried out.

ABUTMENT PLACEMENT After around three months of healing, the implant fixture is exposed by creating a small incision in the gum and the abutment component is attached. A digital scan or silicone impression is taken of the implant area for the custom design and creation of the implant crown.

CROWN/BRIDGE PLACEMENT At this last stage of treatment your carefully crafted colour matched dental implant crown or bridge will be permanently secured to the implant abutment. You are now ready to start eating, smiling and living with your fabulous new dental implant!

IMPLANT CARE With good oral hygiene and regular preventative care examinations, your implant will last for many years. Our dentists will encourage you to eat a healthy diet and educate you on implant brushing and flossing techniques so you can always feel confident about caring for your oral health.


Frequently asked questions

Are dental implants safe?

Problems associated with dental implants are rare but as with all surgical procedures, there may be some risk. Titanium dental implants are safe, biocompatible with the body and will fully integrate with surrounding bone within around six months.

Is dental implant treatment painful?

Due to the surgical nature of dental implant treatment, a local anaesthetic is administered to ensure there is no pain experienced during treatment. Post operatively, pain relief may be prescribed to assist with the management of any pain or discomfort. Depending on the type of implant surgery provided, recovery time may vary between 3 – 21 days.

How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants are expected to last for well over 15 years when a healthy diet is being followed and good oral hygiene is practised. It is important to attend regular preventative care appointments to enable all your teeth and the implant to be reviewed and professionally cleaned.

What are the fees for a dental implant?

The fees for dental implants vary according to the specific needs of the patient and the complexity of the implant placement. Our quality single dental implants range between
$4200 – $6900. A clinical examination and assessment is required to know the unique needs of each individual so scheduling an appointment with one of our experienced dentists is recommended for an accurate estimate of fees.