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Implant Dentistry Belmont

Munch and crunch with the best of them. Dental implants are a great solution for replacing a single tooth, multiple teeth or a full arch of teeth and can provide a stable foundation for a crown, bridge, or full arch denture.

A single implant is composed of three parts; a titanium fixture, an abutment, and a tooth coloured crown. Dental implants restore function including your ability to eat, they aid in strengthening the jaw bone, assist with gum health and give you the confidence to smile again. When properly cared for an implant will last many years.

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Single & Multiple Dental Implants
In Belmont

Single and multiple tooth implants are designed to replace one or more teeth and are a permanent long-term restorative solution that look, feel and function like your natural teeth.

Full arch &

If you have a full arch of missing teeth, a full arch implant bridge or implant-supported removable denture may be a perfect tooth replacement solution for you.

At Ageless Smiles Dental Centre our dentists are experienced in all areas of implant dentistry and are able to assess if you would be a candidate for this type of treatment.

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bone grafting
& sinus lifts

A dental bone graft is occasionally required before an implant can be placed in an effort to improve the success rate of implant treatment. As dental implants are placed in the jaw, it is important that the jaw bone is strong enough to hold the titanium screw component.

A sinus lift, sometimes referred to as sinus augmentation or graft, is a procedure carried out on the upper jaw in preparation for dental implants. In sinus lift surgery, new bone is placed in areas of the jaw to encourage the sinus to be pushed upwards.

Should you require either of these treatments our dentists will fully explain the process to you.